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At E-Technologies Group, our approach to following standardized industry practices in commissioning and qualification allows our team to deliver a high quality system providing safe and accurate operating functionality. Our commissioning process ensures all systems in the project will be brought to full operational state in a well-planned, managed, and documented approach, and ensures conformance with the specifications or user requirements.  For our regulated customers, the qualification process will ensure the system is suitable for its intended use, based on the design criteria and the verification documentation. Services we offer:

From project inception, we ensure that system design documentation and testing activities are conducted to meet the customer’s requirements. We can help assure your system requirements have been detailed correctly and are captured accurately within the specification and testing documents. By involving our C&Q resources at the beginning of each project, our teams can minimize time and cost by taking a risk-based approach to ensure that potential issues are identified early in the process. By following rigid change control processes and thoroughly documenting any changes and the results of testing, commissioning results can be leveraged into qualification to reduce cost and implementation time.