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At E-Technologies Group our Information Technologies team supports engineering services with the design and implementation of server and network architecture solutions for our customers.  We can tackle your challenges by providing:

On-going Service and Support Options
Quarterly Business Reviews
Technology Solution Design and Development
Onsite Implementation
Project Management
Disaster Recovery Planning and Response
Intrusion Detection and Security Testing

Website Design
Co-Location/Cloud Services for High Availability
Custom Application Development
Systems Integration
Data Base Administration
Our areas of expertise include:

Solutions Architecture
E-Technologies Group has Solutions Architects with an unparalleled depth and range of experience, providing a variety of infrastructure architecture services, from virtualization and network design, to consulting, auditing, and plant-to-floor integration.

Implementation Services
We have extensive experience designing, implementing, and supporting a range of vendor agnostic solutions including blades and rack-mount servers, SAN storage, thin clients, disaster recovery solutions, and in MES and plant-floor environments where availability and reliability are critical to your business.

Active Directory Domain
We deploy plant floor Active Directory domain environments, deliver MES integration and plant floor software from a secure and supportable perspective.

Plant Floor Security/Cyber Security
E-Technologies has extensive experience in providing solutions, systems, and work processes targeted at meeting plant floor and corporate cyber security guidelines and objectives.

Managed IT Service
The most popular and cost-effective way to run your network.  Managed IT Service begins with a need assessment and network analysis to gauge the health and stability of your network.  By identifying the state of your equipment, operating systems, and installed applications and services, we accurately quote what it will cost to bring your environment up to a minimum baseline standard for service. A cost-savings analysis takes into account current vendor costs for ongoing maintenance, equipment downtime costs, and employee “lightweight” IT fix costs. Your ROI can be calculated to determine whether additional savings will be realized through proactive remote monitoring and maintenance services.

Our portfolio of solutions are some of the best in systems integration.  Let us help find a solution that is right for you.