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… Not data looking for decisions but decisions looking for data

Frequently, decisions are made without the correct data to back them up, and the lack of real-time data hinders effective decision-making.

E-Technologies Group is focused on the activities of continual improvement within the manufacturing workspace. To provide solutions to these challenges we focus on the 4-Rights: delivering the right DATA to the right STAKEHOLDERS at the right TIME to make the right DECISIONS.

We are specialists in collecting, moving, delivering, analyzing and reporting data on time and to the appropriate resources.  Through Enterprise Control our goal is to enable change by taking a holistic look at a problem and providing a solution based on what part of the process is ready for optimization.

Through enterprise control we enable real-time visibility, significant cost reduction, increased efficiency and performance of existing operations, and empower people with real-time information and standardized work processes.

We provide solutions through development of: