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E-Technologies Group provides feasibility studies and conceptual design to our clients’ by evaluating business opportunities and plant economics. Through analysis and definition we provide data that can be used to justify ROI projects. Using the best technologies, we then provide a plan to get you to the beginning phases of Front-End Engineering. We provide:

System Migration Studies – Plant floors frequently are dealing with the need to modernize aging equipment. Reliability has decreased, equipment downtime has increased, and replacement hardware has become increasingly difficult to find. Our experts evaluate all aspects of a potential migration to identify benefits, challenges, financial justification, and risks. We have many years of combined knowledge of process automation and legacy system migration to ensure a smooth transition from old equipment to new.

Data Management Consultation – Because the connectivity between manufacturing systems is critical to profitability and operations, your business requires real-time data on the plant floor to allow you to make quick decisions. We apply the technologies and provide the manufacturing expertise to solve your data management challenges.

Conceptual Design – Our customers have automation requirements that need to be visualized before the actual software and hardware installation takes place.  We may start with a customer supplied, or E-Technologies Group created user requirement specification which details what the function of the system is, how it should behave, and what it will look like.  We then develop the concept using any combination of studies, drawings, specifications, modeling and rapid prototyping to visualize and test the functionality and aesthetics of the design.