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E-Technologies Group offers a complete portfolio of Engineering and Information Technology services for all phases of the project. We continually enhance our services and expertise to meet the needs of our customers and to stay on the cutting edge of technology. The foundation of our business is our highly qualified and experienced resources who are dedicated to delivering innovative, practical, and value-driven solutions. E-Technologies Group has earned a high degree of loyalty from our clients. We attribute this success to our commitment to delivering a comprehensive, high-value solution to meet our clients’ immediate and future business needs.

We offer solutions to a broad array of businesses and processes, serving companies in a wide range of industries, including:

Consumer Goods

  • Machine Guarding Compliance Updates
  • Laundry Detergent Global System Definition, Design, Software Development, Packaging Line Integration, Testing and Start-up Support
  • Shampoo Making System Definition, Hardware and Software Configuration, Recipe Management, Testing and Reporting
  • Paper-Converting System Master Planning, Design, Development, Documentation, Installation, Programming, Testing and Support
  • Skincare Global System Design, Development, Documentation, Installation, Programming, Testing, Support, Hardware and Network Configuration
  • Feminine Care Line Reconfiguration, and Software and Start-up Support
  • Beauty Care Making System Batch Configuration, Recipe Development, HMI Start-up and Server Migration Support
  • Fabric and Home Care Product System Definition, Software Development, 3D Modeling, Installation, Testing and Start-up Support
  • Baby Care Product Handling System Master Planning, System Analysis Definition, Electrical Engineering, PCIS Support, Case Handling Design, Palletizer Infeed Optimization, Line Integration Design, Demo3D Modeling, and Automation and Start-up Support
  • Home Cleaning Products Plant Wide Control System Upgrade

Food Processing and Packaging

  • Bakery Line Recontrol and Optimization
  • Bakery Line HMI Hardware and Electrical Installation
  • Bakery Proofer Line Integration
  • Cake Line Wonderware Corrections
  • Bulk Ingredient Line Upgrade
  • Bakery Downtime Integration, Audit, HMI and Terminal Hardware
  • Bagel Line pH Level Control
  • Bakery VFD Network Integration
  • Bakery Network Architecture Audit
  • Yogurt Line Efficiency Audit
  • Shelf Ready Packaging Definition and Design
  • Ice Cream Line Machine Integration
  • Pie Line Downtime Integration and Line Additions
  • Dairy Network Drawing Updates
  • Shrink Wrapper Point I/O Module Support and Program Modification
  • Ammonia System Controls Upgrade and Drawing Updates
  • Orange Juice Line PLC5 Upgrade
  • Dairy Plant Support
  • Yogurt Line Definition, Installation and Startup
  • Raw Milk IMS Definition
  • Flavors Fermenter Controls Upgrade
  • Cheese Making Line Isolated VM Solution, Setup, Downtime, Testing, and Line Integration
  • Net Weight Capture and Label Printing
  • Environmental Control Monitoring System Upgrade

Life Sciences

  • Medical Device Quality System Documentation
  • Aquarium PLC5 and HMI Upgrade
  • Pet Food Control System and Packaging
  • Infant Formula Bottling Validation
  • Pet Health Care Control System Upgrade
  • Nutritional Fiber Legacy System Upgrade


  • Injectable Diabetes Drug Line Commissioning, Qualification, Validation and Document Control
  • OTC Upset Stomach Medicine System Re-control, Validation and Document Control
  • Batch Development and Reporting
  • Clean-in-Place Commissioning, Qualification and Validation
  • Automation Support
  • Granulation Automation
  • Alcohol Cooling System Definition and Validation
  • Bulk Line CIP and SIP Commissioning, Qualification and Validation
  • Plant Wide Control System Commissioning, Qualification and Validation
  • HVAC for Packaging Line Commissioning, Qualification and Validation
  • Packaging Line Validation and Document Control
  • PanelView Upgrade
  • Shut Down Support
  • Dryer Qualification
  • Product Discharge Qualification

Building Products

  • Line Controls Upgrade
  • Resin System Installation
  • Temperature Monitoring System Installation
  • Environmental Compliance HMI and PLC Upgrade
  • Network Certification
  • MDT AutoSave Installation
  • MCM Workflow Implementation
  • Historian Migration
  • Machine Substrate Unwind Automation
  • Splicer HMI Interface
  • Delta V Process Control Upgrade
  • Front End Automation

Beverage Processing and Packaging

  • DH+ Network Issue Resolution
  • Plant Automation Support
  • Truck Unloading System for Aseptic Processing


  • Distillery Engineering Support
  • Distillery Line Support
  • Distillery PLC Support
  • Beer Line PLC Supervisory Control

Parts Manufacturing

  • Air Bag Tester Hardware Design, PLC and VB.net Modifications
  • Side air Bag Tester Modification
  • Parts Trace Data Collection and Reporting
  • Industrial Tools Engineering Support
  • Battery Tester Unit Electrical Design and Software Development
  • Parts Packaging Line Electrical Design and Software Development

Warehousing and Distribution

  • Package Handling Line Report Application Modification
  • Package Handling Line SCADA Support
  • Package Handling Line Scanner Data Import
  • Package Handling Line Sort Control Web Application Report Addition
  • Package Handling Line HMI System Upgrade
  • Package Handling Line Wonderware Architecture and Configuration Analysis
  • Package Handling Line PLC5 Upgrade
  • Distribution Line Sorter Programming
  • Distribution Line Conveyor Layout and Engineering Design
  • Distribution Line Labeler Database AutoSave Start-up
  • Distribution Line Collector PLC Modification
  • Distribution Line Palletizer and Conveyor System Programming
  • Distribution Line Conveyor Software Conversion to RS5000
  • Distribution Line Programming Support for Conveyor System
  • Distribution Line Mobile HMI Integration and Automation Support


  • Steam and Vacuum System Automation and Validation
  • Air Handling Automation and Validation
  • Alcohol Cooling Automation and Validation
  • Wastewater Plant Automation
  • Reverse Osmosis Deionization Automation
  • Boiler System Automation


  • Safety Instrumented Systems Definition
  • Master Control Section Generator PLC Development
  • Spray Booth Dump Valve and Color Changer Programming
  • Reactor Train Upgrade
  • Servo Pump System Interface
  • P&ID Development for Mix Room and Header System