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SAMSUNGPoker Anyone?

If you attended the Wonderware User Conference 2014 you would have seen E-Technologies Group gambling!

Okay, maybe not gambling but we were playing Blackjack. Our group of engineers created the eye-catching booth you see displayed above.  Visitors to the booth got to see first hand how gaming fun, combined with real world applications can demonstrate the latest features and functionality of System Platform 2014 and how they can be utilized.

The lottery shows a 3D Demo application with a Wonderware application layered on top, and leap motion technology, a real use HMI (using InTouch Access Anywhere) and PLC used in a bakery line integrated to create the hands-free gaming station shown above.  The Blackjack program was written inside Wonderware ArchestrA and utilized .Net technology.  A Bluetooth proximity sensor was utilized to “enable” functionality on the InTouch Access Anywhere application whenever the user was within range of the machine.

Using leap motion technology, our Blackjack game recognized several  hand motions including “hit”, “stay”, “raise bet”, and “lower bet”. Game developers are using this technology in conjunction with the Oculus Rift (a VR headset) to bring gaming to a whole new level. Imagine putting a helmet on and being able to see a whole new world with your virtual hands and their motions rendered in a 3D world.  Extend this application to use with human physical limitations to allow for media access that requires no contact with a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen. Although this technology is still being fine-tuned, it sparks the imagination for the potential applications.

We have partnered with Wonderware for many years. E-Technologies Group: